At E-volv we believe in helping individuals and organisations get better at things that make a difference. Elevating human performance, if you like.

To achieve this, we create bespoke elearning tailored to meet specific and relevant personal and organisational objectives. This means more than just building content from a set of handouts. It means identifying what truly needs to change, the motives for doing so and then designing content and experiences to support that goal.

Who are we? Well, we’re actually more ‘me’ than ‘we’ as it’s basically myself (Simon Perkins) and a couple of illustrators I call on from time to time.  As for experience …  seven years in the elearning industry coupled with a background in coaching.  Together these enable me to quantify the bigger picture, get to the bottom of what really needs to be accomplished and build content that gets results.

Thanks for stopping by.  Take a look below and drop me a line if you feel I could help with something.

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