Heres the plan up

Here’s the plan!

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Ok, so this is my first post.  The first of many, I hope.  What I’d like to do is summarise the kind of stuff you’ll find here over the coming weeks, months and maybe even years.

Tips.  On elearning, mainly.  Anything and everything from strategy and TNA, through storyboarding and authoring and onto delivery and evaluation.  And tools of course.

There will probably be some templates and other freebie downloads thrown in along the way too.


Well, having recently turned freelance (as an instructional designer / elearning developer) after seven years in the industry, I thought I’d share my slant on how to make projects a success.

Anything unique about this?

 Hopefully …  the two years I spent coaching prior gave me a real insight into scratching beneath the surface of what people believe they want to see being accomplished.  In other words, unravelling the really crucial stuff and then figuring out how to make it happen.  There’s often a fair bit of froth sitting on the surface of elearning projects and this can all too easily distort the focus, direction and end result.

And that’s it.  For now anyway.  I’ll be back here next week when I’ve got the remainder of my site tidied up.  Hopefully see you then!

Simon PerkinsHere’s the plan!

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